Rwanda Standards Board

System Certification

Rwanda Standard Board in the last decade has been branding its management system certification services using multiple marks peculiar to the system to be certified. As we diversify and increase the scope of our services, the marks have proved to be a challenge to the consumers to easily understand how they connect, thus bringing in a branding challenge.

In remedy to this, together with many other efforts intended to making standardization services more customer-suited, RSB has re-branded its management system certification services using a Single Quality Mark.

System certification process

-    Filling-in application form
-    Certification fee payment
-    Stage 1 audit (desk audit & on site visit)
-    Stage 2 audit (full audit)
-    Submission of audit report to client
-    Closure of corrective actions (if any)
-    Certification decision by independent committee
-    Issuance of certificate of conformity
-    Surveillance audit
-    Re-certification (after 3 years)

Note that the time frame mainly depends on client’s readiness