Rwanda Standards Board

The benefits of standards

Standards have become such integral components of our economic, social and legal systems that they are frequently taken for granted and their crucial role in a modern society is often not recognized.
The RSB Standards Division has unconquerable experience in its core function, namely, the development of national standards and maximizing the benefits of international standards through adoptions, which enhances the competitiveness of the Rwandan industry and advance international trade.
In Rwanda our standards enhance competitiveness and provide the basis for consumer protection, health and safety.

Benefits to consumers:

  • Standards ensure that consumers are protected from hazards to their health and safety.
  • Standards promote and protect economic interests of consumers.
  • Standards ensure that consumers have easier access to and greater choice in goods and services.
  • Standards ensure improved quality and reliability.
  • Standards ensure better operation and compatibility between products and services.
  • Standards ensure the availability of effective consumer redress.


Benefits to SMEs:

  • Standards lower installation and start-up costs.
  • Standards inspire added trust in your business.
  • Standards assist business to meet mandatory regulations.
  • Standards ensure improved quality and reliability.
  • Standards create a competitive advantage by improving the quality of your goods and services.
  • Standards open new markets by assuring new customers that you meet their quality requirements.
  • Standards attract new customers.
  • Standards reduce cost in the way you do business.


Benefits to government:

  • Standards benefit the Rwandan Government by complementing regulations and promoting international trade.
  • Standards reduce technical barriers to international trade, thus positioning Rwanda industries to compete in the world economy.
  • Standards are used to regulate and monitor industry so as to prevent adverse business practices.
  • Standards help make laws consistent.
  • Standards offer an alternative to regulation, with less red tape and business costs, while still ensuring that products and services are safe and healthy.