Rwanda Standards Board

Made in Rwanda product and criteria to acquire Made in Rwanda logo:

The Made in Rwanda product is a product that fulfills the criteria below for acquiring the Made in Rwanda logo.

Made in Rwanda logo is issued to the product produced or manufactured by a company fulfilling the following criteria:

•    The manufacturing company shall be registered and authorized to manufacture the product for which they apply the Made in Rwanda Logo.
•    The product name and brand names for the product applying to bear the MIR logo shall be registered as the company’s intellectual property
•    The product shall be in compliance with the provisions of the Rules of Origin as applied in Rwanda.
•    The product shall have a valid Certification (Standardization Mark, S-Mark), where applicable, to attest its quality and safety. In situations where S-Mark is not applicable, the product shall meet applicable Standards or statutory and regulatory requirement.

Benefits of acquiring Made in Rwanda logo on your product:
    The protected Made in Rwanda logo is a powerful tool to fight against product falsification
    The Made in Rwanda logo is a tool to fight counterfeiting
    The highly protected logo embodies technological patterns for product genuineness traceability
    The logo is a powerful marketing brand
    The logo increases competitiveness in tenders as per the requirement of the notion of exclusive preference for good and supplies produced or supplied and bidders registered in Rwanda as per Law No62/2018.

Use of Made in Rwanda logo on locally made products:
•    The Made in Rwanda logo to be displayed on locally made product shall be protected and electronically traced.
•    The issued Made in Rwanda protected logo (sticker) should be applied on either the primary, secondary or tertiary packaging of the product.
•    For unpackaged product, the Made in Rwanda logo shall be used in a way which allows its appearance and electronic tracking.