Rwanda Standards Board

Minister of Trade and Industry Visited Rwanda Bureau of Standards

On May 19th,2011 the new Minister of Trade and Industry Hon. Francois Kanimba visited Rwanda Bureau of Standards (RBS). At RBS Headquarters, Hon. the Minister was warmly welcomed by Dr. Mark Cyubahiro Bagabe, the Director General who hailed the Minister’s visit and thereafter made an introductory presentation on the Bureau’s background, vision , mission, functionality, achievements and way forward to embrace realization of the entrusted mandate.


In his presentation, the Director General of RBS highlighted the key functions of the Bureau namely development of Standards, carry out inspection of imports for safety and quality,  conduct industry inspections : planned and as per clients concerns,  carry out conformity assessment activities i.e. Laboratory Testing services, offer metrology services for  fair trade and business development, offer certification services and educate the public on standards.


Among the key achievements, it was reported that since the creation of RBS in 2002, 714 national standards were developed in different areas and basing on strategic areas of the country’s economy (EDPRS sectors) and import sectors. 699 of the developed standards were published and due for gazetting. The Bureau has Functional National Information Centre with established National Enquiry Point (WTO/TBT) and a collection of approximately 60000 regional and international Standards. To enable competitiveness of the Rwandan products on international market, RBS has certified 39 products and 3 systems within one year and the target is to certify 50 products by the end of June 2011.


More efforts were put in establishing Quality Testing Laboratory for quality assurance and consumer safety. The Minister toured all the laboratories and hailed the Government efforts to upgrade quality and ensure safety. In addition, RBS deployed Quality inspectors on most borders to fight entrance of substandard products and educate local communities on Standards. The Director General said that RBS eyes a continually progressive work to satisfy clients’ expectations. Envisaged reforms are all drawn provided for in the Quality Policy that was approved by the Government of Rwanda. The Director general said that implementation of the Quality Policy will see the creation of five national organizations namely, Rwanda Standards Board that will house the National Standards Institute (NSI), the National Quality Testing Laboratories (NQTL) and the National Certification Services (NCS).


The reform will also enable creation of the National Metrology Organization embodying the National Metrology Institute (NMI) and the Legal Metrology Department (LMD). The National Inspectorate Board (NIB) will be formed as a separate agency to carry out quality inspections.


At the closing occasion of his visit, Hon. Kanimba saluted the tremendous achievements of the Bureau and promised his commitment for a step forward to build a standards conscious community and an ever growing standards compliant business environment aiming export promotion. He also reminded to target potential export product sectors to enjoy the export volume increase, competitiveness and market acceptance. The Minister noted that boosting Standards awareness on potential export sectors will ensure our export promotion.