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Shortlisting report

List of shortlisted candidates to the following posts:

1. Legal Officer

2. Internal Auditor

3. Products Certification Officer

4. Laboratory...

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Training of rice farmers and processors on rice standard

The training was organized by the Japanese International Cooperation Agency (JICA) under its Project for Increasing Crop Production with Quality...

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Announcement: Standards for public review

The Rwanda Bureau of Standards would like to inform the general public that the Draft Rwanda Standards (DRS) appearing in the list below are being...

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Condom Testing Laboratory in Rwanda Bureau of Standards

The Metrology and Materials Testing Unit (MU) of Rwanda Bureau of Standards has expanded it’s services by establishing a Condoms Testing laboratory....

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Kwizihiza Umunsi Mpuzamahanga w’Ubuziranenge 2011

Tariki ya 18 Ugushyingo 2011, Ikigo cy’Igihugu Gitsura Ubuziranenenge RBS cyifatanije n’abanyarwanda kwizihiza umunsi mpuzamahanga w’Ubuziranenge mu...

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Celebrating the World Standards Day:“International Standards-Creating Confidence in a Healthy and Productive Population” Rubavu, 18/11/2011


World Standards Day

1.    Theme:

 International standards: Creating confidence in a healthy and productive population

2.    Background

Within the...

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National Consultation on Draft standards for Fortified Foods

National Consultation on Draft standards for Fortified Foods

Nutrition is a key strategy to reduce the global burden of disease caused by; or...

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RBS yagiranye inama n’abacuruza insinga z’amashanyarazi

Kuwa 23 Nzeli 2011, Ikigo cy’Igihugu Gitsura Ubuziranenge (RBS) cyagiranye inama n’abatumiza mu mahanga ndetse n’abacuruza insinga z’amashanyarazi...

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